Velvet, a must have for your softest winter

Velvet becomes the winner of the most desirable and stylish fabric this season. Capable of raising any garment to a status of sophistication and extreme elegance, it has the power to turn a look into something magical.

Far from being that old decayed material that we associate to past centuries, velvet has completely reinvented its way into our present age. So much that it has climbed to the top of the most inspiring fabrics for this fall-winter.

This is how you wear velvet

jersey terciopelo

Delicate-looking and very soft, it’s one of those fabrics that we wear when we want to look perfect for special events or glam nights. But we can surely state it no longer only has that nocturnal side. Now, velvet jumps to the streets adapting to clothes and accessories suitable for everyday and inundating the most inspiring looks. The reign of street style now bears its name; and no one can resist its magnetism.

Shoes, bags, jackets, jerseys and even pants. Velvet is worn in all kinds of garments to dress a stylish and cosmopolitan woman. And what’s best, it’s completely suitable for all ages.

The key is to choose the velvet garment you want to wear and continue creating your look from it. If you want to wear a velvet jersey, combine it with skinny jeans. If you prefer stylish velvet pants, go for a white shirt. Or if you are daring, wear a total velvet look. The result will be awesome!

In Tot-hom&Co we love this cozy and warm trend, so we have filled our stores with irresistible garments from brands such as JBrand and Dorothee Schumaher. We can think of no better way to welcome fall than with the strength and style of velvet. Welcome velvet, it’s a pleasure to have you with us.

jersey terciopelo