A magical bride by Tot-Hom

All of our brides are special, each of them knows how to transmit magic and passion, from choosing the dress until the final fitting. It is always an honor, a joy and an enriching experience when we work together and get to see the end result, a bride that feels radiant and secure in her steps up until she says, “I do”.

For days the new 2015 bridal collection has been cooking, between designs, fabrics, cloth, workshop hours, shootings, etc… We have kept in mind previous collections and especially the brides who wear our dresses on one of the most important days of their lives. Without them this wouldn’t be possible.

Today, of those wonderful memories, we want to show you some pictures full of magic and barely contained nerves all mixed together conveying the excitement of the hours before the nuptials, the ceremony and the after party. The bride, our bride, Elena Morera, appears unbelievably radiant, fantastic, gorgeous, sophisticated and against the backdrop, above all, that she’s a great person.

We want to thank Helen for this wonderful photo shoot and for shining in Tot-hom with real class. It was a pleasure to share these moments together and see that the end results were like something out of a movie!










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