Tot-Hom&Co: Exotic couture

Exotic Couture is the title of today’s post, for we have selected a collection of garments that will transport us to faraway countries, filled with mystery and that invite us to live unique adventures. These garments have an oriental style, which always look good on us during the summer days. Refined silk and satin garments that refresh us and give a touch of mystery to our day and night outfits.

Shirts and tunics with their ancestral exoticism remain in place centuries after their birth and their characteristic designs have spread from the east around the world, filling the female wardrobe with inspiration.

If you are looking for an exotic touch to your look, today we propose a perfect summer merge with one of the stars of our selected Tot-Hom&Co garments. An exotic top with hand sewn beads and refined aesthetics combined with short jeans and sandals that complete the summery styling you need.

Do you dare wearing an Arabian Nights look?

Photographer: Brenda Roqué l Model: Laura Mestre l Hair and make-up: Salón BO

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exotic couture

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