Tot-Hom&Co by Saray Luis Martin – Dans Vogue

When you are face-to-face with talent only good things can happen. And we know this from experience. Recently we crossed paths with an incredible talent that we were captivated with from the very first moment. What were the results of this meeting of the minds? One of the most extraordinary collaborations we have had to date. We are extremely excited to share with all of you the shirt that Saray Luis Martin by Dans Vogue has designed especially for Tot-Hom&Co.

Tot-Hom&Co by Saray Luis Martin – Limited Edition


Saray Martin is passionate about art and fashion, a pure talent. When we saw her hand-made illustrations, we did not doubt her raw talent for a single moment. We knew we absolutely had to collaborate with her.

We opted for an illustration inspired by summer and decided to translate it into a basic white t-shirt. That´s all we needed. We wanted the illustration to shine on its own, and it most certainly does. It is a perfect combination and honestly, we couldn´t be more delighted with the results.

It is a fresh, clean and powerful illustration. A drawing that represents that break from our usual routines that we are so grateful for in summer, those moments of relaxation, of savouring the sea breeze, of tanning our skin under the sun.

You can now find this LIMITED EDITION T-shirt in our multi-brand boutique at C / Rosselló, 271. It will be available in sizes S, M and L. We hope you like it!