Pret-a-Porter FW2016

Tot-Hom Pret-à-Porter FW2016

The latest Pret-à-Porter FW2016 Tot-Hom collection is synonymous for character, elegance and exquisiteness. The designs that give life to this collection are sophisticated and timeless and are designed to show off on any occasion. A series of garments that will provide ideal security to women who bet on them.

Once again, it’s designed for confident women, feminine and who not only seek design and trend, but also quality in each of their garments.

Casual Prêt-à-porter with an elegant touch

A total of 65 looks give form to a feminine and chic line. The spotlight falls on the oversize clothes that blend with working designs. A sober and elegant style that makes the collection lasting in time.

Midi pants, oversize dresses, vests and coats are the key pieces for this season, along with rhombus socks and Oxford shoes to bring that masculine touch; without forgetting sneakers for more casual looks.

Brown, camel, burgundy, gray in all its versions and again and the infallible white and black dress the most cosmopolitan woman. Without forgetting pink and light blue, which are also a part of the refined colr palette this season. Sober colors mixed with fabrics such as leather, cashmere, tweed and lace. Soft fabrics with also add tulle and velvet details.

A ready-to-wear FW2016 collection where we can see a great devotion to squared prints, while algo betting on total looks in the same colors.

Again, Tot-hom has surprised with outfits worthy of admiration. They have reinvented themselves without losing their essence and created objects of desire that every woman wants to see hanging in their closets.

Pret-à-Porter FW2016