A two-piece wedding dress made to fall in love. Today we want to show you the dress of one of our Tot-Hom brides, Valeria, who said “Yes, I do” a September morning in the Church of San Cristobal de Comillas (Cantabria) on top of a small hill overlooking the village and the sea, her favourite place and where she spent every single summer of her life. Both she and her husband were delighted to celebrate their wedding there.

A woman with impeccable and elegant style and a clear understanding of her ideas, our bride chose a haute couture wedding dress for her big day. A gown of straight lines, bare back and train that combined make an exquisite piece. A delicate button-down coat with hand-embroidery on the top and made in our workshop by the hands of our couturiers.

She was radiant! Thank you so much for trusting in Tot-Hom Valeria, you were beautiful! We leave you with the fabulous photos of the bride and a short interview.

Confessions of a Tot-Hom Bride: A Two-Piece Wedding Dress

In a short interview, our Tot-Hom bride reveals her pre-wedding priorities, her impressions and gives us some tips on finding the perfect wedding dress.

What did you like most about your dress? After trying on more than 50 dresses – and I am not exaggerating – this was the only one that I fell in love with. I saw it clearly at first glance. Delicate, fine, simple and made with impeccable quality. A real gem. A super versatile dress, two in one. Classic look for day and another more party look for night.

Any special pre-wedding memories? The days before the wedding I stayed with my grandparents, at the house where I spent much of my childhood. I slept with my grandmother those days, in her room, both hand in hand. The day of the wedding I woke up and got ready with her and my mother, it was very special.

What was the best advice you received about choosing the dress? To choose a classic. Years later you may regret going too trendy or innovative.

What advice would you give to future brides about choosing their dress? Do not hesitate to visit Tothom …
Did your husband make any comments about the dress? He loved it, he said it was beautiful!

In three words, how did you feel about your wedding dress that day? I felt beautiful, elegant and the happiest bride in the world.

two-piece wedding dress

two-piece wedding dress

two-piece wedding dress

two-piece wedding dress