la hermana de la novia

The sister of the bride. A unique and special guest.

The sister of the bride, one of the most special guests at any wedding. Today we want to discuss and resolve any doubts about the perfect style manual for her. Dress code, are you allowed to go white? Can you wear a long dress to a day wedding? Pay attention!

The sister of the bride. A unique and special guest.

There are many things that must be taken into account when choosing the look for the sister of the bride. We´ve collected some essentials tips from the magazine Telva and that we´re in total agreement with.

THE LENGTH, although it is true that the sister of the bride, as well as the bridesmaids, usually wear long dresses, do not take this as an obligation. If you don´t like maxis dresses or they don´t compliment you it is better to opt for a midi dress or even a two-piece suit. Why not? Tailored suits are right on trend and are a more than acceptable option for the most extravagant of occasions.

THE COLOR, we will say it: Yes, white is allowed! Of course, discard it completely if you are a guest, that colour is reserved for the sister of the bride or her bridesmaids. In addition, nude and pink tones that seems to have become the go to colours for bridesmaids are not mandatory.

THE ACCESSORIES, better to do without strident jewellery that may overload the look. Opt for something different, that identifies you and gives a more personal touch.

THE HEADPIECE, better to flee from sun hats and ornate headdresses. Straw hats and turbans, reserve them for other guest events. The best is a simple headband with a floral motif or headpieces that are trending lately, simple headbands, crowns and pins turn into real jewels.