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The golden age of the chequered trend

The infallible success that will occupy a privileged place in our wardrobes this season has a name: chequered. A trend with many pros, but a trend with which we must apply guidelines in order to avoid over saturation. Today, at Tot-Hom&Co we give you all the keys to master this chequered trend.

The chequered trend: how to wear it

chequered trend

It is official, chequered prints are postulated as one of the trends that will occupy the top spot of the infallible list.

The chequered trend is already experiencing its golden age, but beware, you have to know how to manage it, otherwise we could become saturated sooner than we´d like. The key is to know how to combine this trend in the best possible way to achieve fresh and natural looks.

It´s a trend with a lot of visibility, so we advise making this print the focal point by mixing it with other soberer, neutral coloured garments. The key, don´t forget to give it your own personal touch, this way, you avoid wearing a universal look.

One of the best allies of this chequered trend are jeans. The combination of checks + jeans is perfection. A plaid inspired garment that can serve for this type of look could be a short blazer style jacket. Wear it over your shoulders. The result, an outfit that will give you a chic style and an incredible look, perfect for going to the office or for a weekend in the city.

Another look that will cause a craze, wearing a closed plaid coat (with a dress underneath). You will have an outfit that looks like a dress and people will see you as the fashion diva you really are.

But it´s not only outer wear that has the power to carry this trend, dresses and tops are also welcome. A welsh dress with French sleeve will be an ideal wardrobe basic for the season. Like any plaid top you can combine it with an oversize trousers.

With these types of garments (blazers, coats, tops and dresses) you will have a wardrobe ready for the season and it will probably be more timeless than you think. They will be the most versatile garments that will allow you to achieve ideal looks year after year.

And you, do you dare to wear the star trend of the season?

chequered trend