The accessories that will be on your wish list this season

If complements exist that are capable of putting the icing on the cake of any look, these are without doubt the accessories for the job. Bags, shoes, belts and necklaces are responsible for elevating a look from normal to exquisite.

We know that the base of any style is essential for the result to be a perfect 10. But even with a very basic base, we can add the appropriate complements, and achieve a bold look. Besides, it is often better to choose a neutral base in order to play with complements and make them the showcase.

Not to mention, accessories are the key to turn any styling into the outfit of the day, the night or the weekend. For example, if we opt for jeans and a white shirt we can make that combination suitable for a day the office and with a simple change of accessories we can be ready for a dinner out on the town. By day we can wear a shoulder bag, sneakers and a scarf; And at night opt for a handbag and a pair of stilettos. Versatility is guaranteed.

The 5 most desired accessories of the season:

Here, at Tot-Hom&Co we have accessories that will liven up your spring looks. Complements with a great dose of colour and comfort that will become your most trusted companions of the season.

1. Shoulder bag

2. Handbag

accessories accessories
3. Wide belt

4. Ash sandals

5. Ethnic necklaces