The power of street style has all us captivated to the point that we passionately await to see street fashions from around the world. In fact, many of the trends that the fashion sector dictates for the coming season hail from the most coveted street styles. Today, we want to re-examine our street style, Tot-Hom&Co´s Street Style from last year.

Street Style by Tot-Hom&Co

Many influencers and it-girls have relied on garments from our multi-brand boutiques or our Line A collections to create some of their most inspired looks. Garments that they have chosen, combined and worn according to their own style and personality. Without losing a bit of their essence while simultaneously enhancing their sense of self.

The key to success, combining garments with complements and accessories that speak for themselves. Complements have amazing power and are capable of changing a look completely.

Can you imagine wearing a feather skirt with sneakers? Or a haute couture dress with a zip-up sweatshirt? It sounds crazy right? This is exactly how one of the hottest influencers of the moment dressed using our garments. That influencers name is Alex Riviere. And we could not be more passionate about the results. Faithful to her style and in accordance with her essence, she knew how to combine garments and accessories to create outfits worthy of appearing in the pages of a fashion magazine. Ideal for her day to day life, for special occasions or for attending fashion week in Paris. Just like Pati Sañes, her sister Andrea, Eugenia Osborne…

Below we leave you with some of the most inspired looks from Street Style by Tot-Hom&Co:

street style