The title of today´s post “Sales at our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona” says it all. July is synonymous with sales and, as we wouldn´t have it any other way at Tot-Hom&Co, we have prepared some irresistible discounts on the entire collection.

Sales at our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona

The truth is we´ve started this sales season with some really great discounts. Nothing more and nothing less than 50% off. Starting now, you can find this discount applied to the entire collection, and not just the Tot-Hom line, we´ve included garments from other distinct brands.

And what better way to take advantage of the sales season at Tot-Hom&Co than to get those sought after garments that will become your favourite wardrobe basics. Blouses, dresses, pants, jackets, accessories… everything you could possibly need you will find in our two multi-brand boutiques.

Not to mention, the sales season is the perfect time to buy that dress you need for an upcoming wedding, or to buy yourself that trench coat you were eyeing some months ago at half the price.

Below we leave you with some of the complete looks you can find in our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona. We are sure it will help inspire you 😉

multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona

multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona

multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona