Ruffles will reign supreme in the next season

We could say that ruffles are one of the typical characteristics of Spanish fashion. Although, over time, this voluminous trend has crossed borders and captivated a multitude of international designers, so much so that they have included it in their collections.

Beyond dresses, these billowing strips of fabric are placed in many different places and fall from fists, backs, chest, waist, shoulders … Anything goes when transforming a basic into a garment with personality.

Ruffles are coming to Tot-Hom&Co next season

At Tot-Hom&Co we have surrendered ourselves to the reign of ruffles. That is why for the next season we wanted to wager on garments where ruffles are the absolute focal point. Garments that dance to the rhythm of each step, that bring movement and incredibly flattering volume.

From Equipment with their precious blouses to Dorothee Schumaher with their tops and dresses, international designers have been seduced by the Spanish air of this trend and have made it clear that ruffles are going to be the star detail of the season.

This season, at Tot-Hom&Co you will find the best selection of ruffled garments. From now on you can find at Tot-Hom&Co a preview of the new collections of international brands. Are you a fan of the latest trend?
Below you can get a sneak peek of some of the new pieces in the Equipment and Dorothee Schumaher collections available at Tot-Hom&Co. We´ll be waiting for you!