The perfect sneakers to march proudly into 2018

Sneakers are part and parcel of the most sought-after outfits. Their versatility has inspired us to create outfits for both day and evening. Here at Tot-Hom&Co we want them to continue to have a privileged place in our closets. That’s why we’re bringing you a selection of the perfect sneakers to march proudly into 2018, which is just around the corner.

The perfect sneakers are at Tot-Hom&Co

Is there a better shoe than a pair of sneakers to jaunt to the office every morning? People who love sneakers know well that they are completely compatible with the words “chic and stylish”, and in fact, in many cases they are an indispensable requirement.

The addition of sneakers to our wardrobes has been a godsend, they can be mixed and matched with so many garments (if not all garments): Blazers, long dresses, skirts, jeans, bodysuits, with and without stockings… anything’s possible!

Sneakers have an expressive potential that few other accessories can boast. They conquered the fashion world in white and now they continue to conquer in every possible colour with an endless variety of details. It has been decided, 2018 will be the year of the sneaker, sneakers with an overwhelming amount of personality.

At Tot-Hom & Co, as passionate about sneakers as we are, we could not help having some of the coolest and most spectacular designs available on the market to date. We’re referring of course to sneakers by Suecomma Bonie, a Japanese brand that has stolen our hearts; and now you’ll understand why.

Shoes with an innovative design, made of amazing quality materials and wonderfully comfortable. Below, we show you some of the models available in our multi-brand boutique, shoes that check all the boxes to become the coolest and most desired sneakers of 2018. These are the perfect sneakers to accompany us into 2018:

perfect sneakers

perfect sneakers

perfect sneakers