Party dresses in prints or solid, which is your pick?

Although solids are more timeless and have more possibilities thanks to accessories, party dresses in prints with embroidered motifs provide a note of freshness that sets us apart from the rest of the guests.

Party dresses in prints or solids, which is your pick?

The main difference between a completely solid party design and a printed one is that the first ones allows for more variety and more flexibility when giving a new air with complements and accessories. However, dresses in prints or with coloured embroidery, are fresher and riskier. They break with the standard of a total look and follow more closely with new trends, letting you stand out from the rest of the attendees. Prints bring colour to our closets, although it´s true, you have to know how to invest in them to get the same profitability as a timeless solid.

Although solid coloured dresses, by the same definition, seem more safe, we can risk on shades that surprise the same or more than a print, or with a sequin embroidery.

This season, in Tot-Hom we have added to our colour palette, chromatics that are fierce. Luminous and with personality like the blue Klein. A burst of colour to long dresses with hyper simple designs with straps and vaporous skirts and above all with a lot of volume made with the star fabric of 2017, tulle. In addition, following the range of blues, our proposal of prints invites you to remember the many hues of the sea and joined in the same fabric, give the sensation of summer and will be worn by women who captain true sophistication.

Print or solid, this year in Klein blue. Do you agree?

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