NEW IN: Tissa Fontaneda bags

Tissa Fontaneda bags are beginning to appear in the whishlists of those women who value the quality and the art of craftsmanship, above all.

Tissa Fontaneda bags have a German soul and a Spanish knowhow. Two cultures that are in one way or another implicit in all their creations. The designer, of German origin, had the opportunity to work in one of the most important fashion houses of our country: Loewe. There, she was trained in the world of artisan craftsmanship and, at the same time, she learned to recognize and appreciate the fascinating quality of the leathers with which they worked. A job that fascinated her and pushed her to discover her true calling: creating her own designs with the highest quality leather.

bolsos tissa fontaneda barcelona

It was in 2005 when Tissa decided to launch her own firm after a strong desire to unify her creative vision with the experience she had gained in the world of luxury accessories. Under her same name was born Tissa Fontaneda, defending from the start an extreme level of excellence. Although her name wasn’t known, Tissa’s strength was the quality of her leathers, the artisan craftsmanship and the attention to detail; designing unique and timeless accessories.

In addition, Tissa wanted and knew how to differentiate her brand with a unique identity that has allowed her creations to be recognized at a glance. It is the use of the die cut leather in most designs or, as she has named it, “Nappa Bubbles”, that make them the real bestsellers.

Tissa Fontaneda bags: quality and know-how

bolsos tissa fontaneda barcelona

For the FW2016 season, Tissa Fontaneda has chosen black, camel, burgundy, olive green and blue tones to give life to a collection full of energy and style. A collection where you can find a variety of models, from traditional shopping bags to backpacks, shoulder bags and clutches. Designs that pursue excellence and are intended to make you fall in love over and over.

The designer continues to pursue excellence and searching for the best materials, once again, with the goal of creating practical and functional products for women who need to incorporate comfort in their daily lives.

In Tot-hom&Co we commit to the quiet luxury, which is why we opened the doors to quality and we welcomed Tissa Fontaneda and her new collection of bags for the FW2016 season. These are some of the designs that you can find in our boutique in Barcelona this season. You can follow us on instagram. We hope you like them!

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