Haute couture, three generations

High fashion is their passion, three generations dedicated to the world of fashion willing to dress elegant and sophisticated women.

Marta Rota, Creative Director. Tot-Hom founder who, as a 14-year-old,  took the reins of her profession instilled by her mother, also a well-known dressmaker, Margarita Jovani.

Supported by her family, she decided to open a store with a workshop in uptown Barcelona in the 60s, ​​with the intention of dressing up all the elegant women of the city. Since she was a child she feels influenced by light. She loves the sun, the glint in the light after the storm, roses, when the blue sky merges with the sea… All this beauty provokes a happiness that she translates into creativity. Travelling to Paris at the end of every August is a tradition that she fulfills since the beginning, when she traveled with her mother looking for inspiration, charge their energy and complete their collections. The designer finds beauty everywhere, it’s her secret ingredient to let her feelings arise and create dream collections. For this reason, Marta Rota is a mentor of elegance and knowhow.

Andrea Oses Rota, Designer. The most serene sister, recalls the hours she spent playing dress-up with her little sister Alejandra. By family tradition, she was always between fabrics, in the workshop, the store, among clients… She felt absolute fascination with the world of fashion when, traveling with her mother and grandmother to Paris, they explained to her that years ago they watched the fashion shows in the same stores. She discovered the magic of fashion and decided to make it her profession. True to her rational character, Andrea, always thinks if she would wear the garment she is designing. She likes to feel identified with what she believes in because it is the only way she can impregnate her stamp on the brand.

For inspiration she needs to travel to Paris and London. Paris conveys femininity and extreme sensitivity and London is at the forefront of every trend; the mix of both cities makes her clothes have balance. To be in direct contact with clients allows her to have the fair market point of view to succeed in business.

Alejandra Oses Rota, Designer. Restless and determined, she made it clear that she would follow her mother and grandmother’s footsteps when she was a child. Meticulous with everything related to aesthetics and good work, she started creating accessories for her friends with the remnants in her mother’s workshop. She has the “ability” to observe and capture each one of the little things in her surroundings, a woman on the street, a photograph, a painting, travelling to Paris, London, Milan…

Of endless imagination, she develops her creations by drawing everything she imagines for hours. Her style is minimalist and casual. Always wrapped in an atmosphere of feminine delicacy that contrasts her admiration for the masculine world. She constantly moves between workshops and stores to share her ideas with the team. She likes to know the opinion of everyone who is part of the firm and although she is reluctant to criticism, she needs them to complete her collections.