Guests in yellow? Yes! This season the wave of yellow is evident, an energetic colour that provokes positive energy and feels wonderful. The WBC (wedding, baptism, and communion) season is approaching and many of you are looking for the perfect dress for upcoming events. Keep an eye out for this colour full of light!

Guests in yellow, the colour of the season

Yellow arrived with force last season and is here to stay, continuing to dazzle our style. The range of possibilities with yellow is almost infinite, with more than one hundred sub-tones, that give us warmth and is ideal for summer. In addition, it is symbolic of joy and positivity and can be your best ally for the any events you have in the near future. If you want to be a trendsetting guest … be daring! Of course, you have to keep your style and above all without losing comfort … the insecurities aren´t worth!

Our haute couture ensemble gives a nod to this colour in its creative long dress version. We offer three yellow proposals that differ from each other. From total looks in yellow to small nuances in yellow, mixed with flowers embroidered by hand.

Everything depends on the time and date of the celebration … That’s why we also wanted the main colour to have visibility in a short dress design, where our chromatic proposal will be accompanied by the most romantic flower, daisies. A design ready to wear, a totally innovative style, sophisticated, seventies and above all romantic.

Will you dare to stand out in one of the brightest tones of the season at important events?