What will the next FW18 haute couture collection by Tot-Hom look like?

After revealing some details about what the next FW18 collections of Tot-Hom‘s Line A and Prèt-à-Porter will look like, we could not fail to give you a little taste of one of our most anticipated lines: the FW18 haute couture collection from our firm.

A collection where elegance and sophistication will once again unite to delight us with exquisite mastery. And below, a sneak peek of some couture flavour.

This is what the next FW18 haute couture collection from Tot-Hom will look like:

FW18 haute couture

– What is the inspiration behind the Haute Couture FW2018 collection?
I’ll tell you in one word, the inspiration and theme of this next couture collection is focused on roots.

– What colours will be the focal point?
Khaki, beige, blue ink, green, purple, red, silver, black tile, lilac-black and various prints.

– What fabrics will we see?
Crepe, Chanel style tweed, brocades, gauzes and organza will predominate the collection.

– It’s a collection designed for women …
Our Tot-Hom couture collection is designed for elegant women who have an active social life, with many events to attend, who want to feel secure, well dressed, and above all, flattered.

– If you could only keep one item which item would it be …
All the dresses!! Does this count as one? Hehe