vestidos con estampado floral


If we had to choose a single garment to be our ultimate everyday summer companion, it would probably be floral printed dresses. They just have that je ne sais quoi that catches the eye and makes you fall in love.

Floral printed dresses for this summer

We imagine summer nights filled with starry skies, on a terrace overlooking the beach, with friends, sharing laughter and mojitos; And then we visualize ourselves with the ideal outfit: a dress in a floral print, wedge sandals and wavy hair dried by the breeze. The contrast that it makes to our already tanning (and soon to be a perfect summer bronze) skin will make a perfect match.

Without a doubt, floral printed dresses are fail proof garments. Whatever the occasion they seem to fit right in. That´s because they allow you to play with accessories, you can give the dress a more informal air or a touch more formal, depending on your accessory choices.

This summer it appears that these dresses will be on the most envied looks list. No matter what, you should have one of these dresses as a staple in your wardrobe,

We leave you with two dresses that you can find in Tot-Hom&Co. The first of these is a long-sleeved, steamy, boho-chic dress. And the second, is a short design with French sleeves and ruffles at the bottom. Which is your fav?

floral printed dresses

floral printed dresses