We are very happy to announce with all of you a new collaboration between Tot-Hom&Co and one of the leading brands in swimwear: Como un pez en el agua. A brand synonymous with craftsmanship, design and exclusivity.

Exclusive sale of Como un pez en el agua at Tot-Hom&Co

An exclusive Pop Up sale will be available during the summer season, you will find a selection of bikinis and swimsuits from the latest collection of Como un pez en el agua.

Hand-made swimwear with an exquisite design that standout for its exclusivity, finishes and lines. Bikinis made with the best fabrics, differentiating themselves in a distinct way, by opting for natural fibres such as poplin, bamboo and cotton voiles. Fabrics that offer a very innovative style without detracting from ease and comfort.

These garments are made even more exclusive due to the fact that they make limited edition productions, meaning they create only a few pieces that are exactly the same, making each bikini unique and special.

At Tot-Hom&Co we opted for the Catalan brand because their values are very similar to ours, as well as having a meticulous collection with a style very similar to our own.

With more than 7 years of experience, Como un pez en el agua has managed to position itself as a brand of reference nationally and internationally, being worn by many celebrities and appearing in the most important fashion publications our country has to offer, such as Vogue and Harper´s Bazaar, just to name a few.

The brand´s creators said it best themselves, saying: “Our brand is committed to craftsmanship, exclusivity and originality. We dress swimwear fashion in glamor and femininity”.

As of right now, you can find in our multi-brand boutique located on Calle Rosselló, 271 Barcelona, an exclusive corner with swimwear from the latest collection of Como un pez en el agua. We´re looking forward to seeing you!

Below, we show you some of the models you will find at Tot-Hom&Co:

como un pez en el agua