Feathers, a trend that returns to triumph

It’s official, one of the most desired trends of the 20’s has returned, and its power is unstoppable. Feathers have arrived not only to adorn our looks for elegant occasions but to be part and parcel to our everyday wear.

A trend that deposes sobriety from an outfit and inundates it with a sophisticated and exquisite air.

Feathers inundate the latest collection by Tot-Hom


Patricia Sañes with a jumper with feathers by Tot-Hom

Feathers delighted the roaring twenties. It was then that this trend reached its maximum splendor. And today, almost a decade later, they return to dress women who want to revive and reinvent those wild and wonderful years.

Tot-Hom wanted to unite with one of the most sought after trends of the season, that’s why, in their latest collection, feathers have been given a leading role.

The brand has chosen to incorporate them into numerous garments that can be worn everyday; this is why you can see their presence in two of their ready-to-wear lines, Line A and Pret-a-porter.

In both lines you can find garments where the plumage melds in a magical way, creating unique pieces with totally innovative and trendy designs. In each and every garment feathers have been placed strategically; in some cases they have been dyed red, blue, yellow, marine, camel, grey or black to create combinations that are synonymous with “love and first sight”. You can find coats, tops, jumpers with feathers, even skirts.

Below we leave you with a selection of looks where the trend of the moment is clear. You can see the complete collection here.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that you can already find all these garments in any of our multi-brand boutiques: Rossellón 271 and Balmes 239. We hope you like them!