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Fascination with monochrome looks

This upcoming SS17 season you will fall in love the monochrome looks , that is if you already haven´t. Outfits that at first may seem sombre, but at second glance transform into pure desire.

Clean, minimal and neat stylings dyed in the same colour. What colours will occupy our wardrobe this season you ask? We have been seduced by nudes, baby blues, purples and pure white.

Monochrome looks  by Tot-Hom&Co

If we have learned anything from the trend of the moment it´s that it isn´t necessary to mix impossible colours to have an inspired and different look full of nuances. Monochrome looks  have the power to transmit overwhelming force, by limiting oneself to one colour, we greatly reduce the margin of error. Undoubtedly, this is the most successful formula of the season.

At Tot-Hom&Co we declare ourselves absolute fans of total looks of the same colour. The reason is very simple: they bring out the true essence of each woman while at the same time cover her in a veil of sophistication and elegance.

Today we want to show you some of the new styles you can find in our multi-brand stores. Here are 4 looks that threaten to become the must-haves of the spring/summer season:

  • Two-piece look composed of drop-crotch pants and strappy top with lace detail, in nude colour. (Sweet Couture)

monochrome looks

  • Long-sleeved shirt dress in bone white-bone synched at the waist. (Joseph)

monochrome looks

  • Two-piece look composed of wide pants with a sleeveless fluid top of the same colour. (Sweet Couture)

monochrome looks

  • An ensemble of culottes with a sleeveless top with a criss-cross back in baby blue. (Sweet Couture)

monochrome looks

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