Everything in beige, the colour that connects with any ensemble

Beige, this light brown tone reminds us of the clean costal sand by the sea. Silent, comfortable and neutral will, of course, become the connecting link to create any stylish ensemble.

Everything in beige, the colour that connects with any ensemble

This warm colour makes its way into the spring and summer 2018 colour palette and is postulated as the leader of basic and timeless palettes.

The ease with which it can be mixed and matched is surprising. Due to its discretion and neutrality, it combines harmoniously with almost any colour. And all this will allow you to easily create any look, be it for something romantic, professional, casual or for a night on the town.

Although beige also has its own “favourites.” Think of the blue coast, sunsets over the sea, clouds and greens of coastal vegetation. Nature itself suggests that the best combinations for this colour, undoubtedly, are – turquoise, pink, white and blue.

In this collection we have added this colour to many of our Pret-a-porter garments, saying goodbye to the grey days that connect with different seasons of the year and welcoming the summer season. Wear beige as a total look, opt for latest trend, dressing from head-to-toe in the same colour helps us to stylize and is always a safe bet.