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Essentials worth investing in during the sale season

In today´s post we want to talk about the essentials worth investing in during the sale season. As many of you already know, at Tot-Hom&Co we have already started off the sale season with a bang. As of January 7, you can enjoy up to a 50% discount in our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona!

Essentials worth investing in during the sale season

essentials worth investing in during the sale season

With the arrival of sales, we are sometimes overwhelmed and stressed and end up buying clothes that we barely need and usually end up forgotten in our closets. We, at Tot-Hom&Co, want you to buy wisely this season, we want you to buy clothes that will be useful for a variety of occasions, clothes that will become your favourite go-to pieces, basics that you will use frequently. That is why we have developed this definitive list of essential garments and accessories to invest in this sale season.

  • Some sneakers. A basic that never fails. A safe investment. It does not matter how many you have in your closet. More are always welcome.
  • A fur coat. How long have you been wanting a good fur coat? It is one of the most protective garments for the cold and the sale season is, without a doubt, the best moment to get one. You will be grateful this year, the next and all the winters that you have left to live.
  • A crossover leather bag. Bags are a bit like shoes, you can never have too many. The best one to invest in? A tiny crossover leather bag. Comfortable, practical and stylish.
  • A backpack. Backpacks are living their golden era. Still don´t own one? Now is the time!
  • A cashmere sweater. A basic essential for winter that will be part of your most stylish and riveting looks season after season.
  • Something with feathers. As you already know, feathers are one of the trendiest materials of the season. Any garment with feathers becomes an object of desire. Do not hesitate to have your own feather piece.
  • Ankle boots. One of the most important must haves. They combine with everything: jeans, dresses, skirts …
  • An XL vest. It is one of those garments that we always see in the street styles during fashion week and we think “damn, they look amazing! I want one! “But we never find the one that suits us. But today we bring you the solution, at TotHom&Co we have several designs of ideal XL vests with impeccable draping.

Without a doubt, these are essential pieces worth investing in this sale season. They are destined to become some of your favourite pieces, garments you won´t remember how you lived without. Which ones would you go for?