Tot-hom F/W 2015 Fashion Show

Yesterday we were able to see at the runway that the soul and work of our designers, Marta Rota, Alejandra and Andrea Osés is present in each one of their garments. From the Pret-à-Porter line to the most sophisticated Haute Couture dresses, the Tot-Hom identity was there. It was wonderful!

This season, the ready-to-wear line is made up of casual garments and sets without neglecting the hallmark of Tot-Hom elegance. Baggy pants and skinny jeans, basic shirts accompanied by oversize and carved coats which are like a second skin and clothing inspired in the 60’s, designed, again, for the cosmopolitan and urban women, occupied and with concerns, committed for 24-hour comfort. On the other hand, the line A has given a breath of fresh air to the collection with fabrics such as leather or neoprene combining sneakers as an essential complement for this season for a casual/chic look.

Sheer dresses, embroidery and lace, light feathers, flashing pailettes… Tot-Hom has impregnated all its authentic elegance to the Haute Couture Collection for this winter season.

For the Haute Couture looks, the proposal has been amazing as always. A selection of very careful, very well prepared and proportioned dresses.

Here are some snapshots of the runway, soon we will show you all the photographs.







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