Christmas wishlist

From the perfect bag to that garment that we know will be eternal. Christmas is the perfect time to invest or ask “Santa Claus” to bring us that treasure we’ve been yearning for. From Tot-hom&Co we have selected the most irresistible gifts that you will want to have this Christmas yes or yes.

Not surprisingly, much of our free time in December is spent on Christmas shopping. Gifts for our partner, our parents, our sisters or even for ourselves. And since we want you to get the best gifts for everyone, we have made our Christmas wish list, a wish list that you will love.

To define the content of our list, nothing better than betting on the classics. That is, on those garments we are 100& sure we will use season after season. A signature bag, a good coat or a complete look can become the best options.

Christmas Wish List by Tot-Hom&Co

1. Tissa Fontaneda Handbags. Pieces created to fall in love with. Quality and design united to obtain, as a result, tremendously practical bags. The best thing? They weighs absolutely nothing! You can find them in different models, sizes and colors such as red, beige and bottle green.

wish list navidad

2. Lancaster Handbags. Another of the most desired icons. These are sack-bags, super practical and trendy. Red, gray and purple are some of the colors that stain this jewel.

wish list de navidad

3. Michele Rossi coats. If you have been searching for quite a while for a good coat that lasts you, year after year, now is the time to invest in it. We propose this Michele Rossi oversize coat in navy blue. A classic that you will love for its embroidered motifs that are already your most precious sign of distinction.

wish list de navidad

4. Total look. Made up by a dress and a black leather jacket, it becomes the perfect investment. A look that you can use both for these Christmas dates and during the rest of the year. Play with the complements and you will get a versatile style that will save you in more than one occasion.

wish list navidad

These are some of the most appetizing gifts for these holidays that you can find at Tot-Hom&Co. Discover more in our multi-brand boutique!