Nautical trends are back again this summer season. We can´t live without it, striped jerseys, capri pants, anchor prints, mixes of navy blue and red … The sea aesthetic returns to the city. Nautical trends. In the navy.                      It is a symbol of French chic but it is linked to nautical aesthetics; There isn´t a […]

Brides with a Bardot neckline, our most romantic proposal for future brides. Brigitte Bardot, muse of French cinema by antonomasia made this flattering neckline very fashionable. A neckline that revealsboth shoulderssimultaneously, and reveals itself as one of the most romantic and seductive necklines. Brides with a Bardot neckline by Tothom This type of design has […]

The evening is dressed in haute couture with exclusive designs from the Catalan firm. Elegant fabrics that adapt to the woman’s silhouette and colors that highlight her natural beauty. A collection that focuses on elegance, sophisticated naturalness and feminine essence equally. Tot-Hom Haute Couture FW2016 The haute couture proposal this season appears full of elegant sophistication in […]

Pret-a-Porter FW2016

The latest Pret-à-Porter FW2016 Tot-Hom collection is synonymous for character, elegance and exquisiteness. The designs that give life to this collection are sophisticated and timeless and are designed to show off on any occasion. A series of garments that will provide ideal security to women who bet on them. Once again, it’s designed for confident women, feminine and […]

At the F/W 2016 Tot-Hom fashion show we clearly saw that the passion for fashion of our designers, Marta Rota, Alejandra and Andrea Osés, is in the creation of each one of their dresses. From the ready-to-wear line to the most sophisticated collection of Haute Couture dresses, the Tot-hom signature was present leaving a range of unique designs. The Line […]

In between seams and patterns we write today’s post. Our workshop never stops, although part of our team is on vacation, others have recently joined and continue sewing the new proposals for the 2016 Fall-Winter collection. The ‘petites mains’ (a way to call the virtuous Haute Couture dressmakers, in French) are a major engine of our workshop. […]

High fashion is their passion, three generations dedicated to the world of fashion willing to dress elegant and sophisticated women. Marta Rota, Creative Director. Tot-Hom founder who, as a 14-year-old,  took the reins of her profession instilled by her mother, also a well-known dressmaker, Margarita Jovani. Supported by her family, she decided to open a store with […]

Made in Tot-Hom is a synonym for elegance and distinction. The story of success of the company is the result of expertise from her founder, Marta Rota and her team, who work with the same enthusiasm as the first day in the workshop of Barcelona. The new design team, headed by her daughters Andrea and Alejandra Osés Rota, has introduced […]

Citrus colors in the runways and the red carpet. Colors like red or electric blue have been replaced with orange and its acidic versions in the runways, with concessions to colors such as tangerine. Important firms have been responsible for this proposal of bringing the most vibrant color palette for this season and, as you can see, in Tot-Hom we […]

The new 2016 Tot-Hom Bridal collection is filled with a romantic, delicate and sensual essence. The inspiration this season is eclectic and a major source of it resides in each one of the brides who rely on the expertise of the brand and its creative team. Therefore, the creative spectrum ranges from the most romantic designs, […]

Every story we write about our Tot-Hom brides moves us. To see the bride so in love and her desire to share a lifetime with her partner is something really special. Today, we want to talk about a wonderful bride with a natural elegance, Andrea Ferrer. Her photographs have left us speechless, she looked really beautiful. For her big day she chose a dupion […]

Every Christmas Tot-Hom has a new idea. While the cities are illuminated with thousands of bulbs making dark winter evenings become a fairy-tale, half-open window curtains invite us to see the little lights of the houses’ Christmas trees, people stroll covered up looking for that special gift for that special someone and the Christmas atmosphere floats with harmony […]

This week Montse steals our heart and brings a smile to our face with so many fun pictures that reflect the happiness of the bride and groom on their big day. The bride chose for the occasion a classic cut dress and tulip skirt of an exquisite woven dupion. The top consisted of a hand-embroidered lace that completed Montse’s wedding […]

Retrieving the splendor of the 50s and how authentic Hollywood divas wore the different garments in the last Haute Couture 2015 fashion show. A sign of a magical time where women looked stylish and radiant and which we have adapted to modern times. Beginning with light colors such as white and powdery nude shades, passing through gray and ending up […]

Haute Couture evening dresses in silk, tulle, brocade, the best hand-stitched chantilly with suggestive transparencies enriched with colors, jewels and embroidery. If we have to highlight a color, and with it, all its color range, it’s red. It is, without a doubt, the color of the collection. Allying with different fabrics, each garment acquires an exquisite versatility […]

Less is more is imposing in bridal fashion. Voluptuous dresses filled with complements are in the past, giving way to simple and romantic designs which make the bride look natural and elegant. An own label that will allow us to open a range of possibilities regarding complements, perhaps more elaborate, achieving the right balance of […]

This week we review the different shop windows of our Tot-Hom Brands store in Barcelona. Different influencers have created several looks this month and today we bring them all together so you don’t miss any detail. Let’s begin! Marta from 15colgadasdeunapercha created different looks for our shop window. She went for a total white look combined with […]

The opening of The Serras Hotel took place last week in Barcelona. The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Xavier Trias, was responsible for opening the hotel. Many celebrities, distinguished guests and personalities attended the event. Among the guests, were former model Judith Mascó, who showed off here elegance and unmistakable style, once again, during the inauguration of the Luxury Boutique […]

“In a Parisian palace of the nineteenth century, a group of young people represent an inspiring story filled with ethereal dresses, infinite veils, sensual transparencies and fleeting love.” The Vogue Brides editorial, titled “Temporal lovers” starts with this brief description. Different scenes with different bridal proposals, including one of our dresses. We’re so excited! Here are […]

Yesterday we presented the new Spring-Summer 2015 collection in a fashion show organized at the Palau de Congressos of Barcelona. After months of dedication and enthusiasm, we were finally able to show you each of the lines and designs for this new season. We wanted to thank all of you for the support and affection received and especially thank you […]

The 2015 Tot-Hom Bridal Collection is charged with a delicate and poetic essence. Silk dresses with handmade embroidery, lace and sensual but delicate backs. Simple and elegant cuts for brides with personality but hardened dreamers. A new collection which is unforgettable and magical where the essence of Tot-Hom will accompany every future bride in her […]

Christmas cards and our decorations, tree, candles, manger. But what will we wear A few weeks before Christmas and we’re thinking about the food, some gifts and preparing the for the holidays? Family gatherings, dinners with friends corporate events, toasting, laughing. Still haven’t thought about it? Relax, today we propose several looks so you’ll gleam […]

<<It doesn’t always happen, but there are some Saturday evenings when Manuela Velasco has to step out onto the red carpet. When this happens, one knows ahead of time; time spent imagining looks possible and impossible, possibly impossible and impossibly possible. While this may seem like a tongue twister it is pure reality: when it […]

Cover photo: Vogue Novias October 2014 Dress: Tot-Hom If you are a 2015 bride-to-be pay close attention to the new Tot-hom collection. Soon you will be ready to tell him, “Yes, I do!” We know that bridal dresses also follow trends but at Tot-hom we believe this should not be a determining factor when picking […]

After the holidays and days so nice and relaxed that you will have past, probably you return to your commitments and events. The wedding season is still active, and during September and October, where temperatures are still high. It is best to bring stylish and fresh clothes. For this reason, today’s blog we have a […]