At the Tot-Hom backstage

After the great success of the FW2016 collection presented last Tuesday, we can stop, breathe and look back with perspective to analyze everything we experienced on that wonderful October 4th. From the preparations inside the backstage until the final applause of all attendees.

One day could be summarized as the final culmination of months of dedication, effort, emotion and much much love for our work. First, we would like to thank once again each and every one of the people who were part of this great adventure and still are. Thanks for all the love.

And now, with the happiness hangover still in our body, we are excited to share with you how we lived the fashion show inside the backstage, one of the most important days of our lives, both personally and professionally.

A backstage full of nerves, excitement and emotion

backstage tot-hom

The Princesa Sofia Hotel was the place chosen to present one of the most special collections so far to Marta Rota, Andrea and Alejandra Osés. A collection that wore a woman’s name and wanted to pay tribute to Marta’s mother: Margarita.

From early morning, the backstage began to fill with all those elements that would be essential for the fashion show and all of those people who somehow played a key role in it. Internal personnel from the firm, models, people responsible for coordinating the starting order, neatly arranged clothing hangers, one for each model, blackboards that reminded the models how they had to wear the creations of the designers, a large team of hairdressers and makeup artists, photographers, journalists anxious to get two glorious minutes of interview, wardrobe assistants…

And though it may seem impossible, all of them were part of a backstage where there was order, organization and coordination. Key elements for everything to go smooth.

After the fitting and the dress rehearsal, the tension and nerves began to be a part of an environment where fear and euphoria were equally protagonists.

A few hours before the start, the excitement was served and everything started rolling. Makeup artists and hairdressers got to work and were placed in a space reserved for them. And, one by one, the 16 models that minutes later would step the catwalk under the watchful gaze of nothing more and nothing less than 1000 people, were embellished.

Before we realized, the clock marked 7pm. Models were ready, lights were off and… the music began! All cards were drawn. What followed was a coming and going of models, changes of clothing that could last only a few seconds and hairdressing finishing touches between output and output.

An hour later, the audience started a massive applause, the best gift we could could ever receive!

As you can see, and unlike what it may seem, a fashion show is much more than what we see on the catwalk. A fashion show is a giant puzzle where each piece is absolutely vital for the result to fit perfectly. And you are the last piece that completes our particular puzzle. Because only you can make us remain in the high fashion of our country, year after year. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

backstage tot-hom

backstage tot-hom

backstage tot-hom

backstage tot-hom