Army green looks: the infallible solution for those days when you just don´t know what to wear

Army green looks are one of those go to pieces in our closets for mornings when we just don´t know what to wear. And the truth is this trend is one of the most amazingly stylish and easy to combine trend we´ve seen in years. It’s a fashion statement that has resisted the passage of time and one we never seem to tire of no matter how many years go by.

Army green looks: how to combine them

Army green is a colour that offers us endless possibilities when it comes to creating an outfit. We can make it the focal point of our look and opt for a complete head-to-toe look in that colour, or we can make it a partial focal point and wear just one garment in that colour.

Khaki is a colour that is considered relatively easy to combine. You can do it with neutral tones such as white or grey, or even with darker tones, such as burgundy or brown.

At Tot-Hom&Co we declare ourselves unconditional admirers of this trend. That is why we have selected it one more season.

We love it in the form of a parka, skinny trousers, a blazer, a sweater with ruffles, a trench coat, or even a bag!

Below, we show you a selection of garments and accessories dyed military green in our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona: a mid-season coat, a sweater with ruffled sleeves and bottom, a shopping tote by Tissa Fontaneda and a trench with hood and gold details.

Army green looks

In addition, we propose 6 head-to-toe army green looks that are guaranteed to succeed.

Army green looks

Infallible looks, ideal for mid seasons days and never fail. Which one do you prefer?