10 styling keys to triumph this season

A lot of inspiration is coming from the street styles that capture the world´s attention these days during the most important Fashion Weeks in the world. Amidst these days´ fashion is more important than ever and here at Tot-Hom&Co we want to share with you the 10 styling keys we´ve garnered from the most sought after street styles. With the aid of these keys you´ll have the most admired style this season.

The 10 essential style keys

styling keys

Undoubtedly, the most inspiring styles these days are hitting the streets of New York, Milan, Paris … ideal looks that are the centre of everyone´s attention, combinations of garments that leave us breathless and accessories with power.

Here are the keys you should bet on this autumn/winter to be the queens of our particular Street Style:

1. Mix without prejudice. Combine prints and colours without fear; “Mixing and Matching” will be fundamental for your coolest looks.
2. Invest in a wool cardigan. This will be the garment that allows you to continue wearing your favourite printed shirts. The combination is fantastic.
3. On days when you don´t know what to wear in the morning, bet on a mono-colour looks. Sometimes the simplest thing is what works best.
4. Your closet should include a favourite pair of sneakers. They will give you that infallible touch whatever the styling.
5. Invest in a coat or jacket with personality. Keep in mind that it will be one of the most useful garments in the coming cold months. It is imperative to bet on a piece worthy of being called a work of art.
6. Say yes to chic minimalism and quality basics. A pair of skinny jeans, a white shirt and a wool maxi coat ALWAYS work.
7. Looking for an infallible style? A midi skirt and a wool sweater, the combination is ideal.
8. Show some ankle. Ankles have become the new neckline; their femininity is contagious.
9. Keep taking advantage of your vaporous dresses and wear them with jeans. It will be the style formula that solves all of your in between season troubles.
10. Who said that colour was only for summer? Invest in colourful complements and you will give that added brightness that your looks need.