With holidays just around the corner, we want to help you pack the clothes in your suitcases that will have you looking perfect for any occasion. Designs that you can wear for meals with friends, long walks at sunset, shopping days, special dinners or cooler summer evenings. Check out your holiday essentials, below!

Holiday essentials you cannot miss

All year long we have been waiting for summer to arrive and now it´s finally here. Surely you are counting down the days to go on vacation and enjoy a season of relaxation and plans with friends and family. We want nothing more than to spend time with our friends and loved ones, enjoying every second of these well-deserved vacations.

That is why at Tot-Hom we want to finish helping you pack. We had to show you our essentials for a vacation to make each look you wear a 10.

These are the garments that we think are a must to take on vacation under any circumstances:

A white dress

Wide brimmed sun hat

A cool top

imprescindibles para vacaciones

A shirt with volume

Plaid bermuda shorts

imprescindibles para vacaciones

A knitted sweater
imprescindibles para vacaciones

A technical jacket

imprescindibles para vacaciones

A ruffled dress

The best part, all of the clothes you see here are on sale in stores and at our online shop! Discounts of up to 50% off many items. Don´t miss out on the best opportunity to get clothes that are synonymous with style, elegance and quality at the best price.