Even at the height of summer and setting aside superstitions (yellow is said to bring bad luck in Spain), yellow has established itself as one of the most sought after colours among shelves and shop windows. Like a beam of sunlight, yellow is sneaking its way into summer closets and shines beautifully on golden, suntanned skin.

Yellow passion, yellow summer

It´s certainly not by mere chance that yellow is a favourite colour summer after summer. The reality is yellow shines on the sun-kissed skin creating a very flattering effect. Not to mention the fact that yellow is extremely versatile, perfect any time of day, from bikinis to sandals, day dresses to nightwear; mustard, lemon and fluorescent yellow. Yellow is never out of place. And yellow, like a ray of sunshine, slips into summer closets and shines stronger than ever this season.

For those who are new to this colour trend, they can adapt to it slowly by first introducing small accessories in yellow. And for the more daring there are total looks in yellow just at your fingertips, like maxi dresses, skirts, shoes and irresistible shirts.

Our Yellow proposal this season merges with designs in the form of parkas, shirts and tops. We leave you with a selection from the Pre-a-porter ss18 collection!