We can´t deny it, we are obsessed with winter coats. They are an indispensable part of our daily looks, taking center stage as they envelope us everywhere we go. Today we want to show you a selection of wool coats that are perfect for today and every day.

These are the wool coats that will become your favorite piece in your winter wardrobe

abrigos de lana

As we mentioned earlier, wool coats are garments worth investing in. As it is an exterior garment it´s a piece that will get used during the entire winter season and the most visible piece of fashion you will be wearing on a daily basis. That´s why it is so important that any coat we are thinking about buying should meet a series of requirements:
  • That it´s versatile
  • That it´s made with quality fabrics
  • That it´s elegant yet informal
  • That the design is made in a neutral color
These are the same requirements we knew absolutely all of our coats from our FW21 collection had to have.
Below, we have our particular selection of 5 wool coats, among which you can find long and short designs.

Short camel coat

abrigos de lana

Navy blue cross button coat

abrigo marino

Light gray design

abrigos de lana gris

Khaki coat

abrics de llana

Long black coat

abrics de llana negre

As you can see, we are talking about pieces that will become essential to your winter wardrobe. A key aspect to making these coats ones you can use season after season without ever tiring of them. Not to mention, these are the type of coats that can be passed down from generation to generation.
Get ready to come and discover these coats and so much more in our shops and online.