One of the garments we wear the most in winter are of course, sweaters. Pieces we wear day in and day out to protect us from the cold. Which are the most sought after? Wool and cashmere sweaters are classics. Keep reading to find out why!

Discover the wool and cashmere sweaters that will solve your winter wardrobe woes

During this time of year, the search for warm and cozy sweaters increases drastically. At Tot-Hom&Co  we know the importance of finding the right sweater for you, that is why we recommend you go for wool or cashmere. Two amazing fabrics with so many benefits.
  • Long durability. Sweaters made from poor materials will look misshapen and sloppy almost right away. But wool or cashmere on the other hand will stay looking brand new no matter how many years go by, meaning you can continue to wear them season after season.
  • Thick fabric.  Not all sweaters protect from the cold. The key is in its composition. The warmest sweaters are those with a high percentage of wool or cashmere.
Not to mention, another important factor to consider when investing in a good sweater, its design. Choose a sweater that is versatile, something in a solid color or a timeless print is always a safe bet. Make sure it´s something that won´t quickly go out of style or that is too trendy, that way you´ll be able to wear it season after season, never tiring of it.
Here you can find a selection of the newest wool and cashmere sweaters from our latest collection. You can see them all by clicking here.
All of these sweaters are available in our multi-brand stores in Barcelona and Sant Cugat, and of course on our online shop!
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