One of the garments that most defines a woman´s look are her pants. An item of clothing that, at first glance, may go unnoticed, though it can be the true definer of style. This is why today, from Tot-Hom & Co we bring you the winter pants that will revolutionize your looks.

5 winter pants that will revolutionize your looks

We always advise our clients to have in their closets a basic pair of pants they can easily combine with numerous styles, and another special pair of pants that really break the mold, something that stands out and makes their outfits standout.
At Tot-Hom & Co we have prepared a list of the 5 winter pants that we believe will give you a lot to play with this season. Neutral coloured (navy blue, beige, black) basic pants and 2 other pairs with the trendiest prints of the moment, houndstooth and pinstripes.

1. Khaki pants

pantalon kaki

2. Navy blue pants

pantalon marino

3. Baggy style beige pants

winter pants

4. Baggy style houndstooth pants

pantalón pata gallo

5. Pinstripe pants

winter pants

Every model you see here was designed in a skinny version and a baggy version. You can see them all, and many more, by clicking here.