We are in the middle of the wedding season, and likely between June and October you will have a few to attend. And each time we are invited to one, automatically the same question pops into our head: what will I wear? At Tot-Hom&Co we want you to be the most beautiful person at the wedding, after the bride, of course. That is why we have selected some of the best wedding guest looks that we are sure you will love.

Wedding guest looks by Tot-Hom&Co

We have a large selection of dresses among which you can find options for both day and evening. Long and short dresses with a common denominator: the elegance they radiate will have everyone falling in love at first sight.

Evening wedding guest looks

There are two styles we recommend for winning looks. The first is a dress with a floral print of Black Coral. For evening weddings in places that are still a little chilly at night it´s perfect. The long chiffon sleeves will fascinate you.

wedding guest looks

The other dress we recommend is a wise choice if there ever was one: a long black dress with ruffle details on the sleeves. Add a necklace with personality, good heels and your hair slicked back in a high ponytail. You will be spectacular.

wedding guest looks

Day wedding guest looks

For day weddings, you can opt for short dresses. We have two day options that we love equally. The first of them captivates us for its originality, which lies in the lower part with xxl bows. And the second option catches us because of its passionate red colour. If the wedding is in the height of summer and you will already have a nice tan, the contrast of colours will be amazingly flattering.

wedding guest looks

wedding guest looks

Do not forget that complements are one of the most fundamental elements in styling. They have the power to elevate a look to levels of absolute perfection. You can play with sun hats, headdresses, necklaces, earrings, heels, handbags …

Which of these 4 wedding guest looks did you like the most? You can find them all at Tot-Hom&Co, as well as many other options!