At Tot-Hom&Co we are starting to welcome the new spring/summer season. And we are doing it in style with an iconic brand we have trusted for years. We just can´t resist it anymore, we have to give you a small sneak preview of the Aspesi SS21 season! You are going to love it!

The new Aspesi SS21 collection

One of the things we like most about the spring season is the explosion of color that begins to appear in our daily lives. Birght hues that take over our looks and bring out our inner most lively, energetic and edgy styles.
Proof of this can be seen in the sneak preview of the new Aspesi collection, which is already getting us excited. Garments where pink, fuchsia and orange bring that much needed pop of color.
Colors that give a shot of energy to any style and allow us to be more playful and creative when putting together our looks.
You will also see the color khaki, always playing an essential part with the fashions from this Italian brand. You will see it in midi dresses and shorts. Not to mention, of course the inclusion of navy blue and irreplaceable pristine white.
We don´t want to make you wait any longer, here is the preview of the new Aspesi SS21 collection that you will find this season at Tot-Hom & Co: jackets, shirts, blouses, dresses, shorts and so much more.


You can already find all of these pieces from the new SS21 collection in our stores in Barcelona and Sant Cugat. And very soon they will also be available on our online shop:

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