Sobre nosotras

Tot-Hom is elegance and distinction. The brand success is consequence of the passion and hard work of the founder, Marta Rota and her experimented team who work with the same entusiasm as the first day. The integration of her daughters, Andrea and Alejandra Osés Rota introduced new lines to the brand and opened the doors to the International market.

The lines that catch the confidece and trust of the most selected clients are Ready to Wear, Haute Couture and Brides.

“Mother and daughters , three talents united to create dreamy collections”


Under the unmistakable seal of elegance and new cosmopolitan trends, the Spanish brand continues to focus on craftsmanship, quality fabrics and the expertise of the best seamstresses for their team.


Creative director

The founder of Tot-Hom, who at only 14 years old, took the reins of a profession instilled in her by her mother, the well-known dressmaker Margarita Jovani. In the 60´s she decided to open her first studio and shop in uptown Barcelona.

Traveling and getting inspired, being charged with energy and unleashing creativity are all tools she uses to complete her collections. The designer knows how to find beauty in everything and everywhere shoe goes, it is the secret ingredient she uses to let her emotions take over so she can create dreamy collections. Her designs are the benchmark of elegance and know-how.



Family tradition always left her wrapped in fabrics, in the studio, in the store or with clients. She discovered the magic of fashion and decided to make it her profession. True to her rational character, she always keeps in mind whether the clothes she designs are clothes she would wear. She likes to feel identified in her creations because she believes that is the only true way to put a piece of herself into the brand.

You need to travel to get inspired. Moving between Paris and London she achieves the beautiful fusion of feminine and avant-garde that she presents in her collections.



Restless and determined, she made it clear from a very young age that she was going to follow in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother.

With endless imagination, she develops her creations by drawing for hours on end. Her style is minimalist and casual, she is committed to combining a feminine delicacy with her admiration for masculinity. She is constantly moving between the studio and the store to share her ideas with the entire team.