There is life beyond foulards, knitted scarves and silk handkerchiefs which we wear when we want to protect our throat from the cold. We are talking about turtlenecks.

The turtleneck becomes, once again, one of the indispensable winter icons. Garments that extend themselves in the neck and that have the power to stylize one of the most sensual body parts of a woman, her neck.

The innate versatility turtlenecks

If there is a purely wintery garment that is extremely versatile, this is undoubtedly the turtleneck. An icon in our closets that we can wear in different occasions and is noted for being extremely flattering.

The stylistic resources are infinite. Use it as a body inside your high waisted jeans, put it under thick jerseys, combine it with cardigans in another color to introduce a bit of contrast, wear it with a lace dress above it, or wear it in an unabashed way, without twisting the neck.

How does not matter, the important thing is using this basic garment that allows us to create very cool looks. And also, protects us from the falling temperatures. Cashmere, knitted, ribbed… are fabrics that give life to these garments. The best? All are worth it!

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