<<It doesn’t always happen, but there are some Saturday evenings when Manuela Velasco has to step out onto the red carpet. When this happens, one knows ahead of time; time spent imagining looks possible and impossible, possibly impossible and impossibly possible. While this may seem like a tongue twister it is pure reality: when it comes to the red carpet one has to place on each side of the scale the possible and the impossible and determine where the right balance can be achieved. In other words: virtue. Walking down the red carpet tests many nerves and should be done with a certain amount (and utopian) of serenity. And this is achieved when one feels good in what they have chosen to wear.>>


And this is how the editor of VOUGE.ES, Marta Hurtado of Mendoza, describes the seventh look of Manuela Velasco in the article from Vogue magazine, where the actress shines in a tulle dress by Tot-Hom, booties by Aquazzura, caped jacket by RED Valentino; rings and earrings by Sansoeurs.

We leave you with some pictures so you can see for yourself how good Manuela felt in the look that has us fascinated.



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