Street style is a concept that has become fashionable in recent years and is causing a frenzy among lovers of trends. It consists of photographing street fashion, the one worn by ordinary people, off the catwalk.

Fever for street style keeps growing and is present in many countries where we find egobloggers, who photograph themselves wearing their daily outfits and journalists or experts in the world of fashion and beauty, who discuss interesting topics for a fashion, lifestyle and trend loving audience.

First, it began as a discovery that helped coolhunters from small and large fashion companies to draw inspiration for upcoming collections. In fact , in Tot-Hom & Co we have relied on the street style of different European cities to design our collection, always with our personal touch. And now it has become a lifestyle with which many trend followers feel identified.

We leave you with a selection of street style photographs with garments from our multibrand boutique. We love street style, we like to see the trends worn by fashion lovers and the different combinations and interpretations they make for every garment.


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