The new 2016 Tot-Hom Bridal collection is filled with a romantic, delicate and sensual essence.

The inspiration this season is eclectic and a major source of it resides in each one of the brides who rely on the expertise of the brand and its creative team. Therefore, the creative spectrum ranges from the most romantic designs, empire cut dresses, to more sophisticated models that fit the female body, going through different cuts such as the ballerina model for the most daring. Of all these, the highlight is the dupion silk dress with a dupion or organza overskirt. This is a very functional model whose success relies in its suitability for both the ceremony, with the volume and weight given by the overskirt, and for the subsequent more “informal” celebration without the overskirt. Tot-Hom dresses brides with personality, in a great combination of classic and modern lines.

As for the fabrics and materials used, we want to hightlight the chantilly, guipure, chiffon, crepe, tulle, organza, dupion, silk muslin, satin, gazaar… All of them treated in an exquisite and handmade manner. Dotted with rhinestone details, delicate lace and embroidered by hand resulting in unique garments for very special days.

A new unforgettable and magical season, where the Tot-Hom essence will accompany each of the brides on their big day.

Today, finally, we can show you the work we have done with all our love. We hope you like the end result of this new 2016 bridal collection.

16 A








235-245 B

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