The evening is dressed in haute couture with exclusive designs from the Catalan firm. Elegant fabrics that adapt to the woman’s silhouette and colors that highlight her natural beauty. A collection that focuses on elegance, sophisticated naturalness and feminine essence equally.

Tot-Hom Haute Couture FW2016

The haute couture proposal this season appears full of elegant sophistication in different versions with the intention that every woman can wear, with personality and their own signature, her dress.

The spotlight falls on volumes, feathers, pleats and velvet. The signature’s must haves this season which, along with the color palette, give harmony to each of the designs.

Pink, dark blue, brown and the indisputable white, black and gray, fetish colors of the Catalan company, mixed with some patterns that invite you to dream. The ever-present animal print compete with the novelty of the collection, the upholstery pattern that is called to be the main protagonist this winter.

Dresses and classic two pieces make up the special Tot-Hom collection. A collection dedicated to Margarita Jovani, Marta Rota’s mother and grandmother of Alejandra and Andrea.

Tot-Hom Alta costura