Tot-Hom is elegance and distinction. The brand success is consequence of the passion and hard work of the founder, Marta Rota and her experimented team who work with the same entusiasm as the first day. The integration of her daughters, Andrea and Alejandra Osés Rota introduced new lines to the brand and opened the doors to the International market.

The lines that catch the confidece and trust of the most selected clients are Ready to Wear, Haute Couture and Brides.

Tot-Hom Ready to Wear is about easy to wear and versatil clothes that never go out of fashion. Clothes are made with the best materials and perfect patterns. Details as flower broches and ruffles are a romantic constant in Tot-Hom Ready to wear collections.

Linea A is a urban Prêt-à-porter line made for the younger girls. These are more modern clothes but follow the quality and the chic allure of Tot-Hom house.

Haute Couture stands out by the elegance and apparently simplicity. Tot-Hom gowns make women look radiant , super femenine and powerful. The emblem of the couture house are the handmade embroideries with gold and silver threads, pearls and swarovskies, and jewell applications.

Tot-Hom Brides are exclusive, unique, extremely special and romantic. Tot-Hom make any bridal dress dreamed come true. The Collection offers different kind of Bride taste, from the classic to the most Cosmopolitan one.


“Mother and daughters , three talents united to create dreamy collections”

Marta Rota
Creative designer

(1953, Barcelona) Tot-Hom founder became professional when she was just fourteen years old, influenced by her mother, Margarita Jovani, who was also a well known designer.

With the support of her family, she opened Tot-Hom atelier on the upper part of Barcelona city with the intention of dressing all the elegant women .

Since she was a child she feels influenced by the light. She loves the sun, the shiny lights after the storm , roses , the blue sky by the end of the sea. Beauty makes her feel happy and so she translate this feelings in to creativity. Since the 60’s she continues the tradiction of going to Paris by the end of August, She used to do this travel with her mother, to get inspiration, charge energy and so complete the collections.

The designer find the beauty everywere, it’s the secret ingredient to let flow her feelings and to create dreamy collections.

Marta Rota is a reference of elegance and know how.

Andrea Oses Rota

(1978, Barcelona) The calmest sister remember when she used to spend hours playing with her younger sister dressing herself like crazy. Due to the family tradition she was allways between Workshops, stores, clients…

She felt inlove with fashion World when she visited Paris with her mother and grandmother and they explain her that years ago they used to join couture fashion shows in those boutiques. So she discovered the magic of fashion and she decided she wanted to take parto f it.

Following her rational caracter Andrea allways thinks if she would wear that piece she is designing. She thinks that this is the way that the brand can have her signature.

To get inspired she needs to travel to Paris and London. Paris gives the feminity and sensibility essence, while London gives the forefront. Mixing both she gets the balance in creation.

To treat directly with clients make her has the perfect commercial point of view to reach success.

Alejandra Oses Rota

(1982, Barcelona) Nos stop and decided personality, she knew she would continue the roll of her mother and grandmother when she was just a child. Meticulous with esthethic and things well done, she began creating accessories to her friends with remnants from the Workshop.

She has the ‘’hability’’ to look around and catch inspiration, the beauty of a woman, a picture, a painting, traveling to Paris, London, Milan…

Never ending imagination, she develop her creations drawing for hours everything she create in her mind. Her style is minimal and casual. She is allways involved in a femenine and delicate admosphere that contrast with her passion for the masculinity.

She is allways between workshops and the stores to share her work with the team.

She likes to know the opinion from the people who works in the brand. Although she doesn’t like to get critics, she really need to have them to be able to finish her collections.