Have you thought about the San Juan holiday weekend? If you are one of the lucky ones with plans for the most highly anticipated weekend of June, you might be interested to know that we have elaborated on our definitive list with garments that will help you to look fabulous during those three special days. The list for the perfect suitcase for San Juan below.

5 ideal garments for a perfect suit case for San Juan

The night of San Juan is one of the most magical nights of the year. An evening in which dinner with friends, plans with family and bonfires on the beach are the order of the day.

This year, luckily we get to enjoy three days of relaxation. A long weekend that will give us the chance to escape to some wonderful destination to disconnect, and for this, it is essential to thoroughly prepare our suitcases.

Below, we reveal our top 5 garments to look fabulous on your holiday

1. Chiffon floral print dress

This is without a doubt our favourite proposal for the longest night of the year, the night of San Juan. And we can´t think of a look that is lighter, more energetic and flattering to celebrate the most awaited night of festivities.

maleta perfecta para san juan

2. Klein blue shirt

We imagine this shirt combined with white pants or shorts to make sure the shirt gets all the attention. And you don´t need anything else. Klein blue flatters everyone. An ideal look for the day after the solstice. Comfortable and very practical.

camisa azul klein

3. Oversized jumpsuit

One of the trendiest and most versatile garments of the moment. It will save you on countless occasions, you can wear it for a stroll around town, to go out to dinner or for a more informal plan with friends. Everything depends on the accessories you decide to add.

mono oversize

4. White linen dress

A basic par excellence. There is no summer without a white dress, and this one in linen couldn´t be more spot on for summer. It´s prefect to wear for a boat ride, to watch the sunset or for a walk near the beach.

5. Beige trench coat

June is a fickle month because even though many days are very hot there are still some cooler days and evenings and you´ll need to be prepared. It is always a good idea to have a thin raincoat in your suitcase, it can be a true saviour. This beige coat by Tot-Hom is ideal to combine with any look.

These are the 5 pieces that shouldn´t be missing from the perfect suitcase for San Juan from Tot-Hom&Co. Which one will you be putting in your suitcase?

We want to remind you that these items and many more are available at our online shop and in our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona.