We are just days away from welcoming the month of June, so we´re bringing you some proposals of the most coveted street style in the world. Looks that will assure you´ll have heads turning as soon as your feet hit the pavement.

The most coveted street style of the moment


We are at that time of year when we all feel like updating our wardrobes for the arrival of a new season. The perfect time to get new items we know we´ll get a lot of use out of and that will quickly become our favourite pieces. And when we step out on the street in our new looks we feel beautiful, full of confidence and powerful.

It’s a sensation that we get to experience with each change of the season. Today, at Tot-Hom&Co we have we have 4 proposals that we are sure you´ll love. And you´ll love it, not only for the design, but also for the luxurious fabrics and how amazing they feel not matter what your age. Fresh and flattering looks full of distinction.

And now that good weather has finally come back into our lives we wanted to share with all of you the definitive list of the perfect looks for mid-season.

1. Total look in white with Vichy print blazer

A proposal that will never go out of style. Ideal for days at the office and meetings in the city.

street style tot-hom&co

2. Pleated skirt with cropped jacket

A perfect look for those long nights sipping wine with friends

street style tot-hom&co

3. Oversized look with bicolour shirt

Without a doubt the most sought after look of spring. Could it be any cooler?

street style tot-hom&co

4. An ideal weekend ensemble

If you are someone who refuses to compromise comfort for style, this is the look for you.

looks street style tot-hom&co

Which one of these street styles do you love the most? You will find these and many other garments available in our multi-brand stores in Barcelona and soon on our online shop.