The garment flying off of our shelves the fastest this season is without a doubt our hooded shirts. An essential garment that allows us to create looks that are youthful and stylish. In today´s post we delve into this new trend that is all the rage and we´re sure you are going to love.

The hooded shirts by Tot-Hom that are flying off of our shelves

This season at Tot-Hom&Co we designed a hooded shirt available in many colors so that you can find the one that best suits your fashion needs.

We are talking about a garment that is ideal for day-to-day wear, an essential basic piece that can be combined with sneakers if you want a sportier look.

We have them available in our go-to colors of the season beige, khaki and navy blue. Buttons closures, flap detail on the front pockets and asymmetric cut.

We love to combine it with a cotton top underneath or with a thin sweater that functions as a jacket over the shirt.

It is a special garment, ideal to wear in spring with a garment underneath or as a unique garment. It´s up to you!

Below, we show you the hooded shirts from the new Tot-Hom & Co collection.

You already know that our garments are available in stores and in our online shop.

We want to remind you that our collection is in stores in Barcelona, Sant Cugat and Madrid.

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