The magnetism of flowy dresses is so powerful that they have managed to reach the top spot of the most desired garment of the season.

Their extreme lightness and sense of freedom have made them the most favourable ally for long summer days. Besides… who doesn´t love the feeling of a dress waving in the breeze?

The most desired flowy dresses

The hours of light lengthen, the sun’s rays begin to toast our skin and the streets already smell of summer. More than ever, one of the most favourable and desirable garments of the moment, the vaporous dress.

There is no doubt, this season they will once again reign as the undisputed queen of summer looks. Comfort, simplicity and freshness unite to face, with more style than ever, the beginning of summer. Their versatility is so all encompassing we can wear these dresses to the office, out for a walk, or for a night of cocktails.

At Tot-Hom&Co we officially declare ourselves unwavering fans of this garment, that is why we had to include them in our latest collection.

In this collection we offer you two models that you absolutely cannot resist. Two designs that will fit you like a glove. Their strongest feature? A colourful print that will permeate your look with vitality and energy.

Vaporous dresses that fit all silhouettes and styles. Want to know an infallible trick? Combine them with maxi necklaces and the result will be amazing!

flowy dresses

flowy dresses
flowy dresses