Fully immersed in the new fall-winter 2016 and ready to prepare your wardrobe for the low temperatures, we know what colors will reign this year and you will not be able to resist. Are you prepared to know what colors will be essential?

Pantone has already released the colors that will trend during the coldest time of the year. And if Pantone says it, we know that it will be so despite who gets upset. Nothing more and nothing less than 10 colors that will stain the streets of fashion this winter.

The essential colors of the season

The American company has announced that the essential colors will be blue tones, earth tones and vibrant colors, among others. A calm, strong and full of optimism palette.

The elegant blue tones are mixed with other more neutrals such as dark gray, evocative earth tones and burgundy red. All of them sharing the stage with bright and energetic colors.

Pantone defined this autumnal palette as “a landscape of color in evolution.” A range of colors and contrasts with names:

  1. Airy blue: A blue sky to evoke lightness and serenity.
  2. Riverside: Cold and fresh but sober and yet sophisticated. Ideal to combine with gray.
  3. Sharkskin: A hue that shines for its incredible versatility and functionality.
  4. Aurora Red: It will be one of the strongest colors this season. Warm, sensual and very attractive. A shade that will add strength to your style.
  5. Warm taupe: A neutral and soft color ideal for mixing with any other color. It is the “base” color to create any type of look and to convey stability.
  6. Dusty Cedar: A dusty and sweet tone that, up until now, had been owned by the spring but is now approaching an autumnal version to transmit kindness and add a retro touch to your looks.
  7. Lush Meadow: The color of nature. Intense, sophisticated and vibrant.
  8. Spicy Mustard: An exotic and spicy color that brings vitality. It will become the ideal color to create vintage looks.
  9. Potter’s clay: Fall color par excellence. A reddish and welcoming hue and presented as synonymous of warmth and serenity.
  10. Bodacious: A color that has surprised many. Purple is the most chic color of the season. A striking color that comes ready to shine.

A color palette full of contrasts that inspires much beauty. Simple colors that you can combine easily. We wait for you at Tot-hom&Co for you to choose garments with the essential colors this season.

colores imprescindibles 2016