Today we want to talk about trend that will follow us into another season: the baby blue trend. We are falling in love with this colour that is synonymous with sweetness and delicacy.

Why you should bet on the baby blue trend this summer


It isn´t the first season we have seen this colour. But this summer, baby blue arrives with a lot of strength. It’s a trend that looks great no matter who wears it, be them blond, brunette or red-headed, baby blue will complement you.

At Tot-Hom&Co we have developed the definitive list of all the advantages this colour has to offer. Our series of observations will totally convince you that you have to make space in your wardrobe for this colour right now.

  • It is a soft colour that sweetens any look, making it perfect for those moments that you want to opt for a sweet outfit that is elegant at the same time.
  • You can combine it with a multitude of colours. Of course the most obvious colour is white, but it also pairs amazing well with others such as navy blue, beige or black.
  • It´s the ideal colour for day events.
  • It highlights suntanned summer skin.
  • It´s a charming colour for light coats, blazers, dresses or blouses.
  • You will never tire of it and you can wear it season after season without any problem.

Below, we show you a selection of looks faithful to the baby blue trend that you can find in our latest Ready-to-wear collection. As you can see, we have selected a series of the most flattering garments. Take advantage now because you can find them at 50% discount. Don´t miss out!

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